Game Curious is a celebration of the creative potential of video games as a cultural medium, an expressive art form, a tool for storytelling and simply for the joy of playing them. This series of curated arcades and work shops explore games from a diverse set of perspectives.

It’s a no-pressure learning environment of discussion, discovery and play. Local developers will share their knowledge and introduce participants to free software that can be used to make their own games. No experience or coins required!

Join us at the Richmond Public Library this May!

7700 Minoru Gate #100, Richmond

Saturdays May 27 - June 24
and July 8 - August 12, 1-3PM

Ages 14+ for PLAY sessions
Ages 14 and up for MAKE sessions

PLAY Sessions
Saturdays 1-3 PM
May 27 - June 24

We have curated a selection of games showcasing a wide variety of themes, stories, and artistic expression.

Those under 14 should be accompanied by an adult because some of the games contain mature themes.

May 27, ROFL
Comedy Games

June 3, Coding Truth To Power
Political Games

June 10, Heart Projector Guest Curation
Experimental Art Games

June 17, Story-core
Autobiographical Games

June 24, Two Controllers are Better than One
Multiplayer Games

MAKE Sessions
Saturdays 1-3 PM
July 8 - August 12

What you will take away from this inclusive and non-competitive series of workshops is a knowledge of free software and an introduction to the skills needed to make games. Supported by mentors you'll create your own game over the course of six weeks. Ages 18-25, registered program.

July 8, Design and Planning
Helping to get you started on your first game.

July 15, Coding Concepts
No previous experience required!

July 22, Narrative
Storytelling and interactive narrative.

July 29, Art and Audio
Making your game come alive!

August 5 + 12, Finishing Your Game
We'll be there to support you as you put the finishing touches on your project.

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Huge thanks to our partners!

This program would not be possible without their help.

Games Curious Richmond is free and open to the public. It is geared towards individuals 14+. Those under 14 should be accompanied by an adult because some of the games contain mature themes. All staff and participants are expected to comply with our Safer Spaces Policy, which helps ensure an inclusive and secure environment for everyone. Please contact coordinators Maurice Grela or Leanne Roed if you have any questions or concerns!

Q: How long does Game Curious run for?
A: It runs for 11 weeks: 6 weeks PLAY, 5 weeks MAKE. All sessions take place on Saturday. See details above for exact dates.

Q: Do I have to pre-register or pay?
A: Game Curious is always free and open to everyone! There is no formal registration required for the PLAY sessions and you can drop in and out as you please. The MAKE sessions have a limited amount of space but we will provide more details during the PLAY sessions about how to get involved.

Q: I don’t really play videogames / I haven’t played a videogame for years / I only play casual games on my phone! Is this program for me?
A: Yes, absolutely! Game Curious is aimed at people who are curious about videogames; no more, no less. Whether you’re an artist, a parent, an activist, or haven’t picked up a controller in years, we feel there is a game out there for everyone (or perhaps, you will be the one to make it!)

Q: I’m a hardcore gamer/game developer. Is this program for me?
A: We welcome everyone to the PLAY sessions; however, if you are already well-established within the gaming community or industry, we ask that you try and bring along a friend who may not be as familiar with games but would like to know more. You can also volunteer, be a guest speaker, or offer to help mentor for the MAKE sessions! Just e-mail the coordinators at and
We also ask that you please be respectful when commenting or playing the games. We are all here to learn from each other and our lived experiences, so keep in mind that everyone has something to contribute regardless of their background or previous familiarity with videogames.

Q: What kinds of games will we be playing and discussing?
A: In previous years we have showcased videogames that cover a huge range of themes and experience. There are games with no death or win/lose conditions; games about exploring mysterious worlds or having psychedelic musical experiences; incredibly sophisticated simulators and games that pack entire philosophical arguments into 5 minutes. Expect games with a broad range of themes such as: Life, Love, and Death; Art Games; Education, Science and Politics; and much more!
Of course, we welcome suggestions for other games to play or to show-and-tell, as long as they comply with the spirit of the event and our Safer Spaces Policy. If there’s a game or topic you’d like to see covered, feel free to e-mail us or even bring it up during group discussion!

Q: Will participants learn how to make games?
A: The PLAY sessions are more about exploring different types of games and discussing them from a variety of perspectives. The MAKE sessions are all about learning to make a videogame; however, there are limited spaces available and we will be prioritizing participants who attend the PLAY sessions.

Q: My child is under 14. Can they still participate?
A: Yes, as long as permission is given by their legal guardian or if they are accompanied by an adult.

Q: Wow, this is awesome! I wish there was a program like this where I'm from…
A: The Game Curious initiative was started in 2013 by the Hand Eye Society in Toronto and has since been adapted by other organizations such as the Mount Royal Game Society in Montreal. If you're interested in starting a similar program in your community, please get in touch!

For further questions or comments, contact coordinators Maurice Grela or Leanne Roed.